QRM an ongoing process

Behind the scenes, work is done to make a QRM baseline/starting point. With this baseline, SMI wants to further improve the efficiency and quality of the company and thereby indirectly better serve our customers. By integrating higher efficiency into the production floor, a better production process can be developed which will further improve quality and accelerate delivery time.

During the sessions, the projects are viewed, analysed and described together with an external party. The external party provides SMI with a new perspective on our work processes. All process steps from start to finish are written by means of an example project. At each step, it is stated what the duration is and how long it takes before the next step starts. By doing so, SMI gets insight into the “gray spots” in the process.

In the up following sessions all disturbances per step have been written down. For each conflict within the process, the frequency and the impact is reported. By applying a particular formula the influence of the conflict can be analysed to see how the impact is on the ongoing process and how often it stops the process. All of this collected data is being analysed by external party to map the improvement points. Thereafter, a plan of action is made applicable to SMI.

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