SMI Groep is going Green

SMI Groep is going green by generating electricity itself. This is made possible by placing a large number of solar panels at the business locations in Dokkum and Leeuwarden. Due to the expansions in the past few years, the SMI Group has grown in size and with it larger business locations it is possible to place a large number of solar panels on the roofs. With the generated solar energy we can, among other things, run our machining machines.

The building in Dokkum and Leeuwarden has recently been viewed with a drone to generate a 3D model. The video above consists of hundreds of photos that are counted together in this model with which an analysis can be performed. This can be used to calculate the optimal layout for the solar panels to create the highest possible efficiency. In the following months the next steps will be taken to realize the solar panels.

Recently, the installation of solar panels on the roof was started at SMI Plaatwerk. It concerns a total of 1,450 pieces where almost the entire roof is covered. A special room has been built in which all inverters have been installed. All equipment will be placed in the coming weeks, after which the panels will be assembled. By this sustainable investment, SMI Groep wants to further reduce CO2 emissions and deliver environmentally conscious products.

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