The Ocean Cleanup

SMI Maatwerk had the honor to produce the construction work of the five specially designed floating weather stations that will be used for the Ocean Cleanup Project.  The Ocean Cleanup is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. By utilizing the ocean currents to their advantage, the passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years’ time. On September 8, the Ocean Cleanup System 001 has been launched from San Francisco, out to the Pacific. The 600-meter system will be towed approximately 240 nautical miles (approximately 445 KM) off the coast for a final test and rehearsal before towed to the patch. The Pacific trials are expected to last about 2 weeks and in which it will be in its operational configuration for the first time. The video below shows the impressive system with the remote monitoring system:


System 001 – First footage

[13 days to launch] First footage of our full-scale cleanup system. Assembly of final components to be completed next week.

Geplaatst door The Ocean Cleanup op Zondag 26 augustus 2018


The weather buoys will perform functions such as navigation and provide detailed feedback on the performance of the Ocean Cleanup project. To power the monitoring systems, the weather boys are linked to solar panels which are mounted on the frame for a long durable system to have a completely independent operating system. The headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands can monitor the complete system as it is equipped with a satellite connection and WiFi network to have the pods communicate among each other.

The weather buoys will be subject to oceanic circumstances like storms and will endure severe load conditions. Therefore, SMI Maatwerk has created a strong and solid construction which will be able to endure these ocean conditions. An intelligent control system was developed to meet these requirements and ensure that vital functions, such as those related to navigation, remain intact under all circumstances. The whole process was completed within three steps; production, assembly and testing. Read more about the Ocean Cleanup Project



At SMI Maatwerk it does not matter waht the size of the end product is, all products are delivered with the same precision and quality. With our large manufacturing hall of 20 by 10 meters and a working height of 6 meters, large welding constructions can be produced with the highest precision. Curious what SMI Maatwerk can do for you? Contact us for your options.


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